I previously get my hands on a Hennessy hammock (see the review) and wanted to try a different sort of hammock. The Riderunner is a Bridge style which means that instead of having a gathered end, there are spreader bars that open the hammock up, flattens the lay and allows one to sleep on your side, back or belly.

I really wanted to like this hammock, in theory it hit all the points I was looking for and should have been perfect. I could sleep in any position, it had a built in bug net, was double layer construction so inserting a sleeping pad would be easy.

Before I get into the down sides lets look to see where this hammock shines. The lay in the hammock is almost perfect, its like sleeping on a real bed but a little bit more comfy. The setup is amazing taking about 30 seconds with a take down about the same.

Its a little more “tippy” than a gathered end hammock but not to the point of falling out every time you move. Unlike the old school rope hammock this one sinks you body so it has a lower center of gravity.

The under quilt I use on my gathered end hammocks works just a well on this as does a semi inflated pad, so my butt stayed warm all night.

If it looks like rain then a tarp is necessary, I already had a Warbonnet Superfly which again worked just fine. I added bumpers (some old cut up inner tube) to the ends of the spreader bars to protect the tarp if it there was rubbing, but didn’t notice any rubbing on the fly.

Now the not so good. Warbonnet’s hammocks all have weight limits depending on the materials and if you get a single or double layer. The upper weight limit for this hammock is 250 lbs, which is close to my weight. Being at the upper end of the limit the hammock feels a little too small. What is worse is my width, having broad shoulders does cause an issue. The hammock is shaped, by that I mean that there is a tapper in the width where your hips are. Unfortunately this results in my forearms resting on the side of the hammock which has no give, after about half an hour I get pins and needles in my arms.

When sleeping, I usually wake up every few hours with one of my arms being “dead”. Unusual as I normally sleep through the night without waking.

So, if your under 200lbs and dont have particularly broad shoulders I would recommend this hammock without reservation. The quality is amazing and the customer support is beyond awesome. If you dont like a product, just return it for a full refund.



Quick setup and take down.

Allows more sleeping positions than a gathered end hammock.

Bug net works well.

Double layer allows easy use of a camping pad and it stays in place.

Works with underquilts.

Easy suspension system, just add Carabiners.



It would be great if an XL version was available.

If your over 250lbs or have wide shoulders then your SOL.


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