It’s a time warp, Ive gone back 20 years and decided on a cook set that works as well if not better than the modern jet engines. To be honest the learning curve is a bit steep, not so much on getting it fired up but the actual cooking. Its defiantly time to slow down, relax and know its going to take a bit longer to cook your food.

If your living on dehydrated food (first, dont and secondly for the love of god, just stop) this is not for you. Its slower to boil water than any canister or pressurized stove, but, and here’s the big advantage, its almost unbreakable!  There is just nothing to go wrong!

The other feature I am really liking is the sound, or more to the point the lack of noise, it runs silently. No more sounds of jet engines while cooking. The other great thing is the fact that you get not only the cooker but also a wind screen and pots, kettle and frying pan. At this price though you damn well should.

The simmer ring is the feature that makes this work, its a cap with an adjustable plate that you can set to allow as much or as little heat (flame) to hit the pan. This basically allows a full heat for boiling to a low simmer. It takes a bit of practice but I have been able to cook everything I like to eat with no burning. Just remember if you need to adjust it once in use then a multi tool with pliers are your friends as this gets damn hot.

In summary, I love this, its quiet, the fuel is available everywhere for cheep, it simmers, the stand is rock solid so no more spilt food and there is nothing to go wrong unexpectedly.

One thing to note if your looking to buy is the sizing. There are three versions, the 27, 25 and mini. The 25 is the largest (good for up to 3), next is the 27 (good for 1, 2 at a stretch) and the mini is about useless for real food if you have worked up an appetite.



Rock solid base makes knocking it over very difficult.

It’s easy to simmer.

No parts so nothing to break at the worst possible time.

You get both the cooker and pans in the set.

Its quiet when running so you can have a conversation without shouting.

The fuel evaporates when spilt, so it does not contaminate everything.

Looks like it will last for ever.



It takes longer to boil water than a canister stove.

Its over a $100.

You need to carry more fuel than a pressurized stove.

It takes some practice to get the correct temperature using the simmer ring.



Watch the Trangia in use at:

Its Trangia Time

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