These puppies are expensive, I will make no bones about it, they are damn expensive! But, they have saved me a hospital stay, which in my mind makes them a bargain. I low sided my GS on mud (the tires where not up to it and I should have known better) and rocks, my foot got trapped under the crash bars and I got dragged for about ten yards. This was my second time wearing these boots and although I badly bruised my ankleĀ  it was not shattered.

For road riding these are a little overkill, but if your hitting any off tarmac then they are worth every penny.

And for all you who like to hit the trails, please get a good pair of MX boots!



Good grip on the soles.

Built like a tank.

Comfortable (even to walk in)

All parts are replaceable.




Fits a narrower foot.

SIDI Crossfire TA Boot

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