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I have mixed feelings about this jacket and pants set. On one hand I have low sided in them and they held up well and more importantly kept me safe (walked away without even a scratch) on the other hand I think they are designed more for off road riding and dont know how well they would hold up if they were dragged over the blacktop.

The armor in the pants and jacket is quality stuff. Its large enough to cover the parts it needs to protect and as it is warmed by your body heat it sculpts itself to your body. Sounds weird but it very comfortable!

If I am riding just blacktop I prefer leathers, but for any trip that includes some off road this is my go to gear.

Ventilation is great as is the zip in/out liner which also acts as waterproofing. For hot days there are enough zips to keep you comfortable (mid 90’s with no trouble) and with the zips and vent panels closed and the liner zipped in your plenty warm. In the rain I have not had water coming through and the neck of the jacket stops water tricking down your neck and back.



Solid protection from materials and armor.

Comfortable in most conditions.

Sized for us larger guys.




Not sure how well they would hold up on the blacktop.


BMW Rallye 3

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