I have been using this little gizmo for about a year, it lets me do critical tasks like online banking without using open hotspots.

If you like to be connected while on the road and currently use hotspots at coffee shops or the library then please do a search on security. I guarantee you will be terrified as how easy it is to be hacked while on a public hotspot!

As the data plan is based on usage I tend to use this for only sites that I need to be secure (bank, mail etc), but for general browsing I use a hot spot if available. The Jetpack uses 4G wireless so you have to be in a coverage zone. If your really out in the boonies and you cant get a cell signal, then this will be useless.

Using the Jetpack is very easy, turn it on and wait for it to connect to the wireless network. Once connected set your laptop’s wi-fi to use the Verizon connection and when asked for a password use the password shown on the jetpack. You should now be up and running.

The Jetpack’s menu lets you see your data usage so there should be no nasty surprises when you get your bill.



Small and light.

Easy to use.

USB charger.



Have to be in a wireless coverage area.

Verizon Jetpack

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