I have used this lantern for a few years (and prior to that an exact duplicate of unknown brand) and it has been a life saver on more than one occasion. I also keep this handy for power outages and as it is enclosed the fire hazard is minimized. In the winter I also use it in the tent to add a little warmth to the inside temperature.

The lantern has a little hook and chain that allows you to hang the lantern from a loop or ridge line and it give enough light to see, if not to read unless your very close. The candles lasts for about 3 hours and cost less than $5 for three.

You could improve the lighting by putting a reflector around the glass to direct the light a little more.

Overall I like this lantern, it packs small (barely larger than the candle) its light and has no components that will fail.



Small and light.

Bullet proof.



Wax can get everywhere if you knock the lantern.


UCO Candle Lantern

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