If you don’t mind carrying a little more weight and size and find mummy bags are not your thing then this bag may be the perfect compromise. I don’t really like mummy bags as I move around a lot in my sleep and sleep on my side. Add to this I am over 6 foot tall and weight about 240 lbs most bags feel to claustrophobic.

There are a couple of things that I really like about the design of this bag (the long version), the first is its size, its huge! Secondly, the bag has a zip that turns it into a quilt (it unzips all the way) which allows me to use it as a bag or if its warm enough use it as a quilt. Lastly its a warm bag (its rated to -7) but realistically I think it would work to around the zero degree mark.

I have used this bag in both the tent and the hammock and its has worked flawlessly! The last trip I took I put my exped sleeping pad in a cotton bag liner and unzipped the bag and used it as a quilt. This allowed me to sleep as I do at home and although I cant say it was a comfortable as my bed it was close!

If your camping with your significant other then this would work (if the weather is warm enough) for both of you without having to take separate bags!



Unzips to a quilt.



Does not pack as small as mummy bags.


The North Face Dolomite 3S Sleeping Bag

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