I have a habit of reading before going to sleep. Unless I am totally exhausted this is about the only thing that gets me to a point where I can sleep (if I am on my own), I tried using a headlamp, which worked fine but was uncomfortable with my head on a pillow and I found I needed to adjust the direction of the light every so often. The other option I tried was using a candle in a holder with just didn’t give enough light for my old and tired eyes. I caved and bought this and its done exactly what I needed.

This lantern is small and more importantly the battery life (3x AAA) is great, estimated at around 100 hours. So, my headlamp does not get run down and is dead when I needed it at 3am and having put rechargeable batteries in this little gizmo I can recharge it from a solar charger which I always bring with me to charge my Phone and Kindle.

The loop at the top is held together by a magnet which allows for quick attachment to any loop or ridge line and with a little effort the light direction can be set as needed.

The output can be adjusted by holding the lens form high to low to candle mode (totally useless unless your trying to set the ambiance.)

The only thing I don’t like about this product is the on/off switch (it doesn’t have one). You just hold the lens until the device powers on or off. Its not the end of the world but its fiddly.


Small and light.

Great light output.

Long battery life.



On/off switch is fiddly.


Snow Peak Mini Hozuki LED Candle Lantern

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