Over the summer I started to use a hammock rather than the tent and its been both a possitive and negative experience.

First up im 6’2 and on a good day come in at around 240 lbs on top of that I am a side sleeper and have never been able to sleep on my back. Sounds like a perfect candidate for a hammock Actually I got a great night sleep, I could lay flat and on my side and found it very comfortable.

The downside of a hammock is that without some sort of insulation under you, you will get cold (known as CBS or cold butt syndrome). I tried using a sleeping pad under me but keeping the pad in the right place was next to imposable, so ended up buying the super shelter from Hennessy’s web site. This adds an insulation pad and wind blocking under cover which worked great and kept me toasty warm.

The other thing I found frustrating was that with a tent I have somewhere to put my riding gear. The tent with its vestibules is perfect for putting my gear someplace out of the rain, relatively safe etc etc. If anyone has any tips for how to do this with a hammock I would love to hear it!


Very easy set up and tare down (under a minute).

Can be set up regardless of the terrain.


Can be used on the ground at a pinch.



Need anchor points (trees etc)

You will need to purchase an under quilt or insulation unless the night time temperatures stay above 70.

No place to keep your riding gear safe and out of the weather.



Hennessy Hammock Explorer Delux Asym Zip

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