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This site is about two of my passions, motor bikes and camping. I have been riding since I was in my teens and was totally hooked the very first time I got on a bike (well a scooter at the time). Once I was mobile I couldn’t wait to do longer trips and as I was young and broke the only option was to camp. After a break from riding while I was playing at being a grown up (being married etc) I rediscovered the joys of the bike and the fun and adventure of bike travel.

Being able to ride and be self sufficient while doing so has been such a wonderful experience, which has led to some wonderful friends, great adventures and most of all it constantly changes my expectations about people.

I have posed some reviews of gear I use and trips I am taking. If you have any comment or have reviews, trip reports or anything else you would like to see posted just send it on and Ill post it up.

Once again, thanks for visiting and enjoy.


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    1. Thanks Jim.
      I was actually using the Snow Peak Titanium Mini Solo Cookset to do the boiling and a Snow Peak 600 mug to drink from.
      I will be doing reviews on both of these soon!

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